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Café Terra Brand and Product Design

Brand and Product Design

These photos include designs for coffee cups, mugs, a coffee blend, and the company logo.


January 2023

Project type

Brand Design


Lead Designer, Lead Copywriter

While creating the logo and choosing brand colors for "Café Terra," I focused on appealing to a desired audience.
To elaborate, as this is not a "real" café, but a faux one used to inspire a logo design, I brainstormed the company values and an idealized customer persona. I wanted to create a brand that represents love—for the planet, for family, for friends, for the community, and—of course—for coffee. This desired representation of love led me to decide on a desired clientele to appeal to, as well as company values and associations that I could utilize to select a color palette and typeface.
Working to emphasize this love for the planet and emphasize renewal while appealing to the intended audience (young adults interested in shopping local, and going "green," those who would likely also regularly attend farmer's markets), I chose an approach to my brand design that emphasized earthy tones—colors associated with sustainability initiatives, the "artsy" and "hipster" aesthetics of the younger generations Y and Z, as well as a color associated with actual coffee bean (from the green plant and bright red berries to the green beans that ultimately become yellow and then a dark brown through the process of transforming the bean into the delicious drink we all value so much).
Ultimately, I followed a similar approach when selecting the typeface, creating the café name and motto, and designing the logomark. Using the Italian word for Earth (because, in my opinion, all the best coffee seems to be made in Italy) and an Americanized version of the Italian "caffé," I decided on the name Café Terra. After all, I wanted a brand design that supported sustainability and community, and both are non-existent without the helping hand of Mother Nature. The typeface displayed was selected and altered in various ways to increase legibility. Ultimately, this base font was chosen to utilize the high status associated with script fonts (for example: Saks Fifth Avenue). It was kept down to Earth by utilizing a typeface with strokes of even weights. Similarly, the heart is made of two simplified coffee beans, and the motto "coffee made with love" was designed while aiming to continue to associate the brand with feelings of comfort, familiarity, community, and sustainability.

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